Multiplayer Wall Dodging

Hello Guys,
I had started with blueprints some days ago and now I wanted to implement this: Unreal Engine 4 Unreal Movement Mechanics (Wall Dodging) - Part 5 - YouTube
It was no problem to get this working in singleplayer. But I want to do it in multiplayer.

So my problem is that I dont know how I replicate these things right.
I thought I have to raycast the lines on the client and then somehow give the result to the server.
Then the server would move the player. But I dont know how i can do this.

Can someone give me another angle of thinking or maybe some resources that i have overlooked.

Thanks for helping,

Maybe I’m missing something but why would you want the server to move the player rather than the client and then have it update to the server?

Thanks for your response. I forgot to mention, that I’m using stamina points for the wall dodge. So basicly at the begging you have 100 SP than one wall dodge decrease the SP by 20.
I thought because I have to reduce the SP variable on the server i just move him ^^.

Oh okay. Well if you are trying to prevent cheating you would probably want the server to handle the SP. I don’t really have any thoughts on this because I haven’t the foggiest idea of how cheaters go about their work.

But I don’t see why you still cant push the SP reduction to the server and do the moving on the client side. If you are concerned with cheating you can still do some local checks, eg if they magically have too much stamina after doing x task – force check with server.

Depends how much load you want to put on bandwidth and the server cpu.

Unreal Tournament has wall-dodging and full source code is available :wink:

It’s C++, but if you know a little about it you might be able to work out how to do it in code.