Multiplayer VR testing features (i.e. Play As Client)

Could we possibly see some features to help Multiplayer VR Developers in the near future?

Back in 4.22 I was able to use the “Play As Client” feature in VR and be able check if things were being replicated correctly. I don’t know if it was somewhat of a fluke that it worked but the ability to use it in VR broke between 4.22 and 4.24.

The only options now are using 2 computers and 2 VR Headsets, or making a build and sending it to someone who has a headset to test with you.
This can get extremely tiring when all you need to do is test one variable or one replicated function and it takes 3-4 builds to figure it out.

As a solo dev who wants to focus in VR multiplayer it can be a bit troubling and I’m sure you can imagine.

Have you tried checking “Dedicated Server”? That’s how I test as “client” in PIE. If that doesn’t work please let us know the issues you’re facing.

I’d also recommend to create a “flat pawn” that can be played with mouse+keyboard - it reduces friction when troubleshooting and makes it easier to debug! A simple way to do this is to inherit from your VRPawn, attach motion controllers with a relative offset to the camera, and set up keyboard and mouse binds to your action/axis events (or hardcode them in the flat pawn child class to prevent mouse+kb to work in a shipping build).

nice idea. i never thought of this.