Multiplayer vertical aiming sometimes not working


I have players spawn with a weapon which has a socket, Muzzle, at the muzzle.
I have the following blueprints to calculate aiming:

2020-08-16 14_19_17-TimAnimBlueprint.png

(weapon file)
2020-08-16 14_21_12-weapon_base.png

This is going off the Virtus tutorials.

The issue that I’m having is that when I host a multiplayer lobby, sometimes (and I can’t figure out the condition) non-host players will not be able to aim up or down.

The host is able to aim perfectly fine. Sometimes the clients can aim too, and sometimes it breaks halfway through.
I’ve been stuck on this for hours so I’d really appreciate some insight :frowning:


Solved thanks to this video :slight_smile: