Multiplayer Variable Replication

Quick question, is their any way to replicate a float? Such as off the MoveForward Axis value from the out pin for the float you can set the float, I named it respectively (MoveForward) Now for the float I have it set as replicated.

I set up a quick animation blueprint using the cast to “character class name” and then cast to MoveForward and MoveRight. Set the variables and then plug them into the Animation Blendspace respectively.

Granted I know this isnt the correct way and I do know how to set it up the correct way, I just want to test a certain theory I am having on the top of my head right now.

After that I have the Animation Blueprint Root motion mode to use root motion for everything (I am trying this with root motion) I can now play with 2 players and only one character moves and the animations for that character are replicated. Now when I try to move with the other character he stays in place but the animation plays in the correct way such as strafe movement since I am using strafing animations.

I am unsure of what I should do for this and are currently working on it as we speak. But still stumped. Any ideas or hints towards what I can do. I think I have to replicate the float variable in order for the other character to inherit and use the values coming from the float.