Multiplayer Twin Stick Shooter

Hi folks,

After all the game dev conferences, talks and workshops I finally uploaded the full project of one of the workshops I gave at this years Mallorca Game. It’s a rocket league like multiplayer twin stick shooter. The project is a small walk-through different common multiplayer techniques. I’m writing a little guide (still in the works) but for now the project and the slides should be a good starting point for those who want to start with some MP coding. The project is a mix of Blueprints and C++ btw. If you have any questions about it just ask ^^

The repo: GitHub - moritz-wundke/MPTwinStickShooterWithUE4: Creating a multiplayer enabled Twin Stick Shooter with Unreal Engine 4

Note: To clone the project you need to link your Epic Games account with your GitHub account, the project can only be accessed with linked accounts due to the engines EULA.