Multiplayer Tutorials by Epic

I remember there was a playlist that epic games made with tutorials about how to work with multiplayer, when I first found it I thought it looked complicated, and I’ll get back to it once I learn more, its covered general communication from client to server something called network relevancy, and some other stuff.

but I can’t find it on there YT channel, any one know where this went?

thanks for helping but I don’t think it was this one, the video showed examples on a level that looks like the content creations example map and they used ghost assets for examples they use a chest for net relevancy and the last few videos they added multiplayer features to the third person template (I think this was back when the first person template used a orange character) and they used bombs to ‘kill’ each other (I say ‘kill’ cause they just refilled his health after one died)

Yes this was it tyvm

I noticed that the video is not findable on there YT channel, is there any reason for this?

The videos are marked as unlisted. I do not know why.

Here is the entire playlist on their channel: