Multiplayer Third Person Shooter


we are searching one who can help us.
We want to develope a Third Person Shooter and want to force on the Battle Royal Mode and Team Deathmatch.

  1. We want to use this Kit:

  2. Third Person and able to switch to First Person like Playerunknown´s or H1Z1

  3. Several Guns with scoping (attachments)

  4. Animations like pick up items, cover system, healthbar on bottom, drop items from inventory, and so on

  5. Register and Login system that the server can run on a dedicated server

  6. Weapons with bullets should spawn randomly on houses (Maybe a later future if we create a testmap)

  7. Splittergrenade, stun grenade and smoke grenade

We would pay with PayPal over the marketplace

I dont rly understand what you need 3D artist ? coder ? only a marketplace pack ?

Well if you’re after guns and shopping on the Marketplace, it just so happens we’ve got a few to choose from :cool:

What art style are you going for?


May I can help you for some features you need.

If you want to know more you can ask me my skype by private mail or join our discord server here :

We already did similar stuff you need :

Hope to talk to you soon.