Multiplayer Survival RPG - WIP

Been working on this project for a couple of days. Everything is being made for multiplayer. Posting for some feedback/suggestions

Features I’d like this project to have:
-Vendor System
-NPCs (vendors, enemies)
-Combat system
-Resource gathering
-Whatever else I think of

If anyone has any feedback/suggestions for things to add I’m happy to hear them!

So far everything is going to be done by me, whether it’s programming, modeling, animation, etc…

Here’s a progress spreadsheet. Not very well organized…

I decided to start with an inventory system. Server handles everything expect UI.

What I’ve done:
-Item looting
-Inventory & storage support
–Item dropping
–Item swapping
–All item retain stats whether dropped/swapped

Here’s a quick video showing what I have. Have a bit of trouble looting because I haven’t added a crosshair yet :slight_smile: Also, program didn’t show mouse pointer but it’s there:

Upcoming functionality for the inventory:

-Right click options (equip, modify, destroy).
-Item stacking/stack splitting.
-Making movement based on inventory weight. (If weight is too high you’ll be slow/won’t be able to move)
-Inventory Management (For example, sorting by weight, value, whatever. Sorting options.)

Finally, just a couple models I made super quick to have something other than basic shapes:

I like the way your system sounds.

Have you thought about character morphing based in game actions, ex: Spending skill points in strength or power will make the character larger or more “muscular”
eating/ not eating will create more girth around the character or subsequently make your character skinnier?

I hadn’t thought of that specifically, it sound pretty cool. I do plan on having abilites. I could see myself making a character “huge” if a “super strength” ability was activated. Thanks for the idea!

Project update:

Added inventory stacking and stack splitting.

Shift click = split in half
Ctrl click = grab one

Any inventory feature ideas would be great… Just a few more things to add with inventory before I move onto other gameplay

For your combat system can you please make an advanced melee instead of just a fake invisible bullet method?
So it has proper traces and everything with possibly combo’s?
There are several shooting projects around but melee is still like a confusing topic especially with multiplayer

Hi CyberDev,
Im planning to use the projectile method for my melee system, can you elaborate on the exact problems you ran into. I will rethink my method to solve these issues. Sincere Thanks.

Well a short projectile is a very cheap way to do melee. The proper way is basically just firing off traces that do damage that go from 2 points (sockets?) that are on along the harmful part of the melee weapon. The 2 sockets that the traces fire between are bound to the weapon of course so alot of the combat relies on animation. Then you tell the traces that are firing from between the points to fire when a key is pressed (and also play the animation)

Then not only cause damage to everything else when the traces collide with other players / ai / the environment during the animation time, but ignore damage on its own player too. Then combo’s could be just enable’ing the traces for a second (the length of the animation) and another melee animation based on key presses could be played

I have no idea how exactly to program this with blueprints or c++ but I remember studying c# code in Unity that was commented and this is basically how most melee is done. I mean it probably sums up how chivarly does it, seems pretty simple, and it probably is, its just im an artist not a programmer. So if you need animations let me know

And blocking for a shield could be creating an invisible piece of geometry that pops in during key press for a brief second that cancels all the damage from the traces right? And then blocking when 2 swords collide could be to play a cancel animation if holding a block key and swords traces collide?

Is this something you could implement and have working in multiplayer? Because no project seems to have it yet. There is another rpg kit on the marketplace I believe that has dark souls type combat, but it is very expensive and not sure it works in multiplayer. Also please forgive me if this is information you already know since you are a programmer, I just don’t understand why no projects have this way of doing melee working in multiplayer on the marketplace yet

Hi, I was wandering if this is still in development, I would like to know how to get this. :slight_smile: