Multiplayer Strategy Game

A few years back I developed a multiplayer text-based strategy game that was like Risk where players controlled galactic nations. Each planet they controlled contributed to their economy which gave them the ability to expand their militaries, launch spy missions against each other, military raids and even full on planetary invasions. Each game had 12 to 20 players and we had 6 games running at once at our peak. I would like to relaunch this game except this time give it an Unreal interface for players to use and give combat and a few other things some animations.

What I need:

I can do all of the MySQL backend. I still have most of the tables. I can even do any PHP we might need for the registration website.
I do need help converting the control interfaces to Unreal so they can access the data in the database along with a workable login system. The plugins and tutorials I have tried for setting this up have not worked for me.

I also need someone who can help with modeling aerospace fighters, dropships, mechs tanks and infantry squads. These will be small and wont need too much detail. Think like the old MechCommander size models.

The battles will be AI vs AI so anyone familiar with this would be welcome.

I believe that would be enough to get this project going. If I need anything more I will repost. Anyone interested please reply here with your email and I will message you within 24 hours. Thanks.