Multiplayer splitcreen arcade game. Running Two+ Maps Simultaneously?

Hey, I’m planning the the next stage of my game development and I’m not sure how to work towards my objective.

I currently have a single player game (1 controller bp, 1 player character, 1 cam, 1 map). It’s a tall and narrow screennspace, designed for extra instances to be played side by side on a standard 16:9 screen. Now I’m looking to essentially duplicate the games map so that there are 2 instances (with ability to support 2+ later) of the map running side by side in the same game window, each with their own gameplay stats/progress, and player characters controlled by different controller inputs. Just like multiplayer tetris. I’m not sure how to achieve this.

Most multiplayer info I can find is how to setup splitscreen or shared screen in the same map, so I suppose it’s some sort of multiple instances of maps being loaded trickery which is beyond my knowledge search at the moment.

Thanks for reading, and taking your time to help :slight_smile:

Hi Did you find the answer to your question? Can you tell me the answer? Thankful