Multiplayer Spectating using the Set View Target With Blend node

What’s up, folks!
I come across a problem again which makes me throw up!!

Alright, so I am working on this multiplayer game (everything needs to be replicated for both dedicated and listen servers).

My problem is that I would like to make this Set View Target With Blend node have no lag on neither client’s or server’s side.

This node is called whenever a player is murdered! For example, player A kills player B. Then I want to get player B → get controller → cast to player controller and connect it to Target of Set View Target with Blend. Then, the new view target will be player A → get controller.

Alright, if the server kills the client, on the client’s side you should see the server’s view. You see it, but it lags very bad…Instead, if the client kills the server, the server will have a no-lag view of the server’s side.

Any help would be appreciated!

Having the same challenge here, any help would be amazing

Problem is camera is likely attached to the capsule, you really want the camera to be focusing on the Skeletal Mesh. (IE camera component attached to the skeletal mesh).

The way CMC works is, the capsule is always moved, and this is not smooth. The skeletal mesh is what actually is smoothed.