Multiplayer: Spawning different pawn..

Here is what I am currently doing

  1. In GameState, I load an ini file and from there retrieve the pawn value (either truck or soldier).

  2. In GameMode, in event ‘Post Login’ this is where the spawn logic starts. eg It read back the GameState’s pawn value and then Spawn the appropriate actor.

The problem is in multiplayer mode (with two computers), the spawned actor seemed to follow the server’s ini setting. And I can also see in client, the spawn process is called two times. First with the correct actor, after maybe 1 second it will spawn another actor which is the same as server. I am sure this is something easy being overlooked, please help.

Thank you.

Your issue is a but confusing to me how you explained it. I use male and female loaded from DB. I then tell the game mode which to spawn. Maybe an example of the issue with some bp screenshots?