Multiplayer - Spawn locations (rotation)

Hey all,

I have just noticed something that has caused me 5 days of MASSIVELY frustrating headaches in my own game, but it actually occurs in the Multiplayer Shootout example also so it is not just a fault on my end.

I had 2 separate player spawns with a tilt on the rotation to set up the default angle I want (card game just so that you know). Player 1 spawns pointing the correct direction (-70 in the y direction). However Player 2 always spawns incorrectly (0 in the y direction even though the player spawn is specifically set to -70).

I tried the same thing in Multiplayer Shootout, and Player 1 spawns facing the ground, Player 2 however, is at 0 in the y and looking in the default direction.

Wanted to have a chat with anyone from Unreal that can confirm this or shed some light on why this happens. Thanks for such an awesome engine and all the hard work put into it, Cheers!

I am having the EXACT same issue (Also making a card game, ironically) I’m also in need of a fix for this. I’ve tried SetControlRotation() on the PlayerController and that’s not working :confused:

As far as I am aware, it is just an error with ue4.
My solution to it was to just set up the game world at 90 degrees rotation and have the cameras both naturally straight on.
Frustrating stuff eh, but we keep pluggin on.