Multiplayer Space Combat game

It started as a project to learn replication and an excuse to take advantage of the great models I’ve purchased (I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention non-unreal marketplace stores here so I won’t) and from the asset store, but it turned into a project I’m starting to enjoy. So I decided to start keeping track of it.

Multiplayer test:

Turret rotation (thanks Abarudra): Turret Rotation - YouTube

Early gameplay with cockpits: - YouTube

I’ve got it working through steam as well. I might do some playtests if anyone is interested.

And no I haven’t done anything special, most of it is the nice assets I used and Unreal. Like I said it’s a learning experience for me but i’m finding it kind of fun.

I’ve thrown in Oculus support for good measure.

My goals with the game are to add some sort of in-match progression, either credits for kills or ranking up (same thing, really…) and getting new, bigger, better ships for the match. I’d also like some AI fighters thrown in to be mooks and make it a kind of space combat moba almost.

Also space pirate themed because space pirates are amazing. But no name yet.