Multiplayer slow motion effect

Is it possible to do a slow motion effect in multiplayer? If it is then how can we do it?

Only if you want it to affect all players at the same time using Time Dilation.

Otherwise, nope.

Actually, you can. You can edit the custom time dilation of each actor.

So it’s client side? Then how will you look like when your opponent sees you?

Just as Jamsh yaid, there is no prebuild solution for this. You can implement it though, but thats quite a complex system.

Slow, that’s what I mean. You can’t run one client in slow-motion and the other not.

Aside from anything else that’s the physical laws of the universe :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s sad :frowning: I thought if you run Slow in one client and fast in another client. Meaning if you’re doing slow mo, your opponent will see you as moving really fast but I guess I was wrong haha. Thanks for answering my question :slight_smile:

Actually one can create black hole near the player’s PC so that player can orbit it around and not falling into it. You can slow his time by changing orbit distance.

JK :smiley:

Noop, due to the physical laws on the Universe we occupy, that is impossible :wink:

Yeah for that to work you need to accelerate the other actual player to near light speed.