[Multiplayer] Simple create and join session.

Hi !

I would like to create a simple create and join session (LAN) but… Whenever I press Join, the game’s crashing.

My blueprint :

What am I doing wrong ?

My Hosting/Joining Session Tutorials

You may want to check if the Array that gets returned from the FindSession node is really filled by checking if its “length” is greater than 0.
If this is true (use a Branch) you simply use a “GET” on the Array on index 0. I wouldn’t use a For Each loop here.

PS: When something crashs, you may want to provide a proper crashlog!

I have same code than you and for me works fine.

But adding a question, why do we need to add the “listen” parameter when opening level? if I don’t pass that value, clients will not connect.

It tells the server to listen to incoming client requests. That’s how far I get it, I’m not a network expert.

A Listen Server is a Server that is also a Client. A dedicated Server runs on its own and serves the clients that connect to it.

To start as a listen server you need


To start as a dedicated server you need

MapName -server

To start as a client you need


Thanks for the clarification!

Hello eXi i have a problem my find session return a array with a lentgh of 0, wat is the problem thx?