Multiplayer Shootout Level Loading Screen

In my custom Game Instance, I have created a loading screen UMG widget. I then add it to view port just before calling Open Level to load level after clicking my play button on my main menu screen. I’m following way they do it in Multiplayer Shootout game.

problem is that once new level is loaded, loading screen UMG widget gets destroyed. I believe UE4 destroys all widgets between level loads now. So my loading screen disappears (so quick you don’t even get to see it) as it gets destroyed before level has even finished loading. In addition, my LoadingScreen UMG widget variable in my Game Instance blueprint gets set to None as well. So any further calls to try and add/remove my loading screen causes errors as UE4 has set my LoadingScreen variable to None.

Multiplayer Shootout game suffers from same problem. I believe in one of recent engine updates (like 4.8 I think) Epic changed it so engine would destroy all widgets when loading a level as it didn’t use to do this. Which explains why problem happens in Multiplayer Shootout game as I think it was created before 4.8 but hasn’t been updated to handle this new way of working.

Once your in game (multiplayer shootout), press Q to open in game menu. Then click on Leave to go back to main menu. However it just goes to a blank screen. No menu is shown and I believe this happens because it gets destroyed before level has had a chance to load… i.e. it has been added to viewport after calling Open Level, but before actual “level loading” takes place. I think actual level loading task must be something that occurs later on.

I found this other question, which seems to be about same thing.

See my answer to that question. I feel pretty strongly that this is in fact a bug in engine or at least a poor design decision that needs to be revised/fixed.

Hi wilberolive,

Thanks for your thorough investigation and report. We already have this bug entered into our system (UE-17175): Multiplayer Shootout was created in 4.7 and not properly updated to reflect changes in how UMG is handled between level changes in 4.8 and beyond. sample project is going to be updated to better reflect correct method for UMG and Multiplayer, but we do not have a timeline for that update yet. Once we do, we’ll post on this thread with update information. Thanks!