Multiplayer Shooter Starter Kit (incl. Battle Royale, TDM and Classic mode)

Hello. I recently submitted my project for the marketplace.

Title: Multiplayer Shooter Starter Kit
Price: $35


This Multiplayer shooter template is a good start for your multiplayer shooter game.
Main features of this project it’s a player class system, observer mode and so popular today Battle Royale Mode (Last Man Standing).
Also project includes Team Deathmatch and Classic (bomb planting/defusing) mode. Project is easy to extend and add new game modes.

Available for purchase on:

this project is now free -

Demonstration videos:

UI overview (Main Menu, Lobby, etc.) –
Player class system overview –
Observer Mode -
Team Deathmatch and Classic mode overview -
Battle Royale mode overview –



  • 100% Blueprint
  • Full support for multiplayer
  • Configurable weapons (damage, effects, sound, kills log icon, etc)
  • Configurable game options: round time, friendly fire
  • Observer mode. After death, player can spectate other players
  • Host Game Menu with the following settings (Map, Game mode, Round time, Max players, Friendly fire, Allowed classes)


  • Team Deathmatch mode
  • Classic mode – Bomb planting and defusing. 5 rounds, 3 minutes each round. Only one life per round
  • Battle Royale mode – Moving barrier, dangerous and safe zones. Example map. Hub (lobby) map.
  • Weapons can be dropped and can be picked back up
  • Player class system. Three classes: Assault, Medic and Sniper. Unique base weapon for each class. Rifle for Assault, shotgun for Medic, sniper rifle for Sniper.
  • Medic and Assault have unique abilities. Assault can spawn box with ammo, Medic can spawn medic box.

In Game UI:

  • In Game Menu.
  • Player’s HUD
  • Observer HUD
  • Kills log with headshot indicator and weapon icons
  • Scoreboard – players are sorted by score
  • Final Scoreboard – show’s winner player or winner team.


  • Player class selection
  • Changing teams
  • Chat
  • Server settings for Admin (Map, Game Mode, Round Time, Friendly Fire and Allowed classes)
  • Lobby timer and “Ready” button

Technical details:

  • Number of Blueprints: 47
  • Widget blueprints: 30
  • Maps: 9
  • Engine Compatibility: 4.15+
  • Supported Platforms – Windows
  • Important/Additional Notes: This is a Blueprint project. It’s recommended to use this as a base for your project.

looks awesome! Do you provide tutorials how to change characters and weapons?

I’m working on documentation, if you will have any quentions about project I guarantee my help

I know it says that is set up for multiplayer, how hard would it be to integrate this with the server hosting servers like amazon on gameSpark so they can receive info like ammo and damage and such so that it runs like a normal Fps with dedicated servers?

I compiled dedicated server and uploaded on free amazon vds. I tested it with some players from different countries and it works fine.
If you want to use gameSpark or amazon gamelift you have to integrate their API into my project and maybe use vaREST plugin, create MySQL database and handle json requests.

I bought this a few days ago and can say it’s a very high quality resource, highly recommended!

Thanks for review:)

Still not avalaible in UE4 Marketplace?

Any updates?

What a masterpiece!I’d like to see more updates.

is it already in the marketplace? can’t find it

In the topic ( you write, this content is free. Where is the dl link? Thanks.

Can you post a tutorial on how to add and change weapons woukd be great im a noob and luv the project

Is this still working with the new unreal engine version?

should work, but don’t buy it.
I created new, much better template

this project is now free -

Thanks, Alex.

I am new to UE4 or making any type of video games. I don’t want to sound stupid or anything but do I just open the free rar file with UE4 or something, or do I have to extract from the rar?

If you answer this… I am looking for the Melee version.,. Cheers, Thanks

When I hit the link to download It sends me to a error page