Multiplayer Sessions and Invalid URL


I’m seeking some advice on Steam listen servers. Despite the success pin on JoinSession firing, my client never seems to travel and a RunOnServer event to print reveals that there is no connection.

The log reveals some complaints about invalid URLs. I think this may be a clue as to why it’s not functioning. I don’t know why the URL would be invalid though. I’ve added the map URL in question to the list of maps to package in the project settings.

I’ve added the recommended lines from the documentation to the .INI to enable Steam and I always launch the game from inside of Steam.

One other question, is it that I must forward port 7777 (Although I read that since 4.18 it’s been 17777.) in order to allow connections to a listen server via Steam? I’ve done this but for some reason the log also has a line about an “INVALID SteamP2P”.

Any advice would be appreciated.


The only solution I found to this problem was using ExecuteConsoleCommand “open MyMapName?listen” instead of OpenLevel. This method works without issue so it’s what I’ll be using from now on.