Multiplayer - Server Can Open and Close Doors, Client can't

Hi There!

I can’t seem to find what I’m doing wrong here.

The server can open and close doors but the client can’t.

This is the blueprint I am working on

I saw there was a topic on this from 2015, but they received no answers… I am hoping to get some kind of feedback here if I am lucky :slight_smile:

Hi I think the issue is that the isClosed? boolean is not replicated. (the door health should also be replicated)

Also check the Network compendium. by eXi

Hi Ikav,

Thanks for the response! I appreciate the attention.

I will definitely check out that resource - thank you for that.

I have since replicated the isClosed boolean and the health float, however, that has not solved the issue. Both the client and the server can interact with the door and open and close it, but if the door is open on the server, the client can walk through the door being closed on their end (and if the door is closed on the server, the client cannot walk through the door even if it shows as open on their end).

Hopefully the resource shows where I’ve gone wrong, I’ll update this post if I find something…