Multiplayer Scoreboard

How would i go about making a Multiplayer scoreboard in blueprint.For example you press tab and it lists people in the game and shows how many kills/deaths they have. Is there a tutorial or something that i just haven’t found.?

Does anyone know how to do something like this?

I doubt there is a full tutorial for this as UMB is experimental in 4.4, once 4.5 comes out and more mature, there should be more tutorial about this poping out.
In the mean time, you can use you HUD bp to do a rough version of this.
Where you save K/D in a game state BP that gets updated when player kill/death happened, and use your player controller to get game mode to get game state.

Ok, Thanks ive searched everywhere and have not been able to find anything to help me start. Im not sure where to start with this.