Multiplayer RTS Starter Kit

Hi, I’ve been working on RTS games on UE4 for a while now and ive got alot of thing done, would people be interested in seeing a RTS starter kit on the market place that includes:
-Fully functioning RTS camera that includes screen edge hit
-Building placement
-drag box selection,mutiple selection and single selection
-unit movement
-Resource collection(For example i have a box which spawns static mesh instanced meshes and when the ai goes to cut the tree down in turnes it into an actor and it falls down)
-fully functioning RTS Multiplayer lobby
-advanced buildings which ai interact with
-Ai finds jobs some examples are collecting food, wood and milk (there is a visual representation for this of course similar to stronghold)

Also played around will rts style wall building which i could include.

Would people be interested in seeing this on the marketplace?

Kind Regards,

Some feautres which should be absolutely necessary to stand out from the already available RTS Kit’s in the marketplace.

  • Wallbuilding, nice.
  • Troop garrison in building are nice too.
  • Interact with buildings like MG stand on top of building, nice.
  • Coversystem like company of heroes or MoW Assault squad 2, very nice.
  • Damage model and hit zone like MoW Assault squad 2, ultra nice.

But be sure it has fully multiplayer functionality, most common problem.

To your question:
Competition stimulates business.
More functionality better sales figures.

So why not ,doit.

yes interested

I would like to see this :slight_smile:

Terribely need it~plz

@adamchagg98, any news from your kit development state?

I recommend you follow along this plugins progress its will offer more once its completed and its free.

For sure, its simply so, Sivan makes great process and a new thread for a system has started this time by the makers of Hostile Worlds.

But i think there are certainly some who can start with this system, besides, I wanted to know if it is only hot air what comes here.