Multiplayer RPG Template

Hey guys,i’m Jien。
Sorry, I only knew this place in recent days。
This topic will share with you about this project <Multiplayer RPG Template>
Before starting, I must first talk about my personal situation and this project
I am currently engaged in UE4 game development, and I am usually busy. This project is a demo I made in my spare time according to my personal hobby (an old WOW player). The test time is not too much. I estimate that there will be many bugs and defects. I will slowly optimize and fix them later
This project is currently only a demo-level project. Honestly, it cannot be used for commercial projects, but the ideas in it are for your discussion and reference.
We welcome your suggestions and comments, and of course there are criticisms
ps. Forgive me for my junk English

In addition, I actually made a game on Steam a long time ago and used UE4. If you are interested, I plan to release this project in the future.O(∩_∩)O


  • single and mutilplayer mode

  • skill system

  • Progress bar skills

  • Instant skills

  • Attack additional skills

  • single or range skill typed

  • stand or motion skill type

  • datatable configuration

  • equip system

  • datatable configuration

  • Free equipment switching and attribute feedback

  • Master and deputy weapon model display

  • drop system

  • equipment and prop

  • Inventory system

  • NPC and task System

  • Simple npc interaction

  • datatable configuration

  • Task collection, feedback and delivery

  • skill learn

  • AI system

  • simple patrol and attack

  • a generate BP to spawn AI

Bugs or Defects :

  • There will be a big delay in the joining of Player 2 (If the computer is not good for a long time, you doubt life)
  • etc…

Thanks for this thread for questions.
I am considering purchase of your Multiplayer RPG Template! :slight_smile:
In the meantime, I just purchased Endless Hell on Steam. Like the look of it and can’t wait to try it out!

Brought it and i have to say that i really like it.
It’s a simple, basic (even for me to understand) system that helps me to UE4 step by step.

What i would like to see added

  • healing class
  • archer class
  • summon pets that can attack (wolf for the archer and elementals for the caster class?)
  • aggro system (melee classes taunt to protect the healers/casters)
  • I saw a shop NPC but i’m not sure if this is working

I hope that these things will get added in the future.
So far i’m very happy with the project, because i can focus on building the world and can use the mage/warrior to test the basic mechanics. I would also like to point out that i “played” this project that i brought for 50€ more than most AAA games. It’s a great “sandbox” to have fun with and totally worth the money.

Hi! I guess this project is dead? There is any place where to share knowledge, tweaks and so?