Multiplayer RPG- how to save a characters progress

im working on a coop game. If a friend were to come in and join a partner in a local lobby in a game, if I had already set up a way that on exiting, I save the characters progress, would that work for the joined player as well? I’m having a hard time understanding what I should learn before I jump into this part of the project. Would I need to alter anything specifically that comes to mind?

thank you for any ideas that you all have

if you want "“Account Data” then you need to find a way to save stuff to a server and design a login on your UMG.

you would have to check out save games. then when the lobby is present in the UMG setup loading the save game and have your friend pick from the save game. I am still learning about this, but check this out

@MindfieldsTech thank you for the info!!

I hope it helped!