Multiplayer Respawning Issues


I have followed one of Unreal’s Youtube tutorials as a good way to start off learning the engine (Blueprint Multiplayer: Project Overview | 01 | v4.11 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube).

I am wanting to take the project a step further by setting up a respawn system for players that have lost all of their health due to taking damage.
Images of the respawn function from the tutorial, the player taking damage, and the player being killed are attached.

I have attempted multiple times to create a respawning system that works properly with and without the respawn function shown below.
I doubt it can be as difficult to do multiplayer respawning as I have made it out to be. Any ideas or help would be very appreciated.

When you lose all HP in your character BP -> get player controller and run on server event in your player controller ->in your PC get this player controller and pass it to gamemode where you run respawn event