Multiplayer Questions

Hello I have a few doubts regarding multiplayer in UE4.

1> Whats the limit for max players in Multiplayer UE4?
2> How to solve those limits for genres like MMO, where there is a possibility that more than 1000 players are connected to same server?
3> Is there any way where could i allow a person to control another player’s actor? For eg, Player A controls movement of Player B… like that…

4> I assumed Custom Dedicated MP server “might” do with limits problem… but any one has a tutorial for basic Server + Client programming? And since UE4 is open source, is its multiplayer feature aswell? So that means i can use that code to create custom servers?

5> IDK if this is correct section or not but cuz its not exactly “modding” so imma ask here. Have you known about MP mod SAMP for GTA SA? Theres a similar UE4 game aswell, called Onset. Which allows custom gamemodes created in PAWN or LUA and using the custom dedicated server’s parameters, these LUA/PAWN gamemodes are used for hosting servers which are accessible for people to connect using game’s client. Anyone here who can guide me through basics on how to achieve this? Or point me to a tut? I know its a big step and there might be no tuts out there, so can you explain me what to do in such cases? I know that i have to use plugins like LuaManager to expose C++ code to LUA. But im stuck at point of custom server… how do i use LUA code to host MP server?

Thanks in advance…

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