multiplayer question

If a player is killed by another player, how do I get who killed who. I have a projectile set up to damage players, but if player is kill I would like to display the names of the players who killed who. Also would like to store kill information so at end of game you can check these stats. I am decent with BP so if someone could explain what variable" if any" to get or make to accomplish this I would be grateful.

I don’t really have any knowledge on your setup from what you have already and not, but with the Apply Damage and damage events there is the Event Instigator variable.
Just pass the player that fired the projectile as the “event instigator” and then you should be able to get the name from the character if you cast to it and do what you want on the character.

You have the event instigator right there with a ref to self currently plugged into the damage causer though, so just ignore that ref :slight_smile:

I have get controller instigator plugged into input of apply damage. So if I cast off of the any damage instigated by pin to my character BP and say get name text or something, it should then give me that specific player name? All players are using same character BP in the multiplayer situation, im wondering how I could give them different screen names.

You should have a variable in the character blueprint that is holding that specifics instance/players name. Then you could just get it and print it out. To set that variable in the game you will have to handle it in the game mode and get the player’s name or let the players choose their name when joining etc.

The one thing im not understanding is the handling of player controllers when they’re not there until they join. How do you get player controller or players in game mode if they don’t exist yet? And if every player controller is 0 how does that work?

Still trying to figure this handling of player controllers. Can you make an array of player controllers as they come on the server and then reference that for variables of each player?