Multiplayer Question

I am a little confused on basic multiplayer set up, and just to be clear, I don’t mean local multiplayer, I am talking about over the internet multiplayer. So I have searched on how to set up to Steam and also Epic, but some project I see have just basic multiplayer setup.

This one for example, there is no where in the tutorial where the multiplayer functions are set up through blueprints.

My question is, do you need to set up some sort of blueprint or code that says one person is trying to connect to another?

Or do you just package the game, and you’re automatically connected to a person who opens another packaged game?

Just to clarify what I am trying to do. Just a basic 2 to 5 player connection with one another. No UI, just I connected to you and you connect to me over the internet. For testing purposes.

I was about to post this same question.

From my understanding the Unreal Multiplayer class acts as a server and client. In theory I could write a function to choose where the second version is connecting to and it would use the server’s database for things such as logging in?