Multiplayer question and confusion

I am currently studying Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development- Game art and Animation, so i was wanting to work on a project
of my own and home in my free time. The idea i had was creating a simple game that my wife and son could all jump in and play and develop
as time went on.
I have already watched the 6x tutorials on networking basics, have read through documentation and searched forums and the net. I can get
the the server and client to run following the tutorials, but what i wanted to know is if i package the project create a .exe and take it to say my
other computer how does it know how or where to connect to or is it all coded already? that`s the part i cant get my head around i hope i can get
the game to work with just blueprints as i tend to stare at c++ with a blank gaze.

What Im asking for i guess if for someone to point me in the right direction(what i need to do or know) as i dont want to start modeling and and getting things together and
find out i should have done something before hand. If anyone can provide some clarity that would be awesome as now I`m chasing my tail stopping
now and then to bang my head against a wall.

The quick way to connect to a server is to open the console (~ key) and type “open” or whatever the IP address of the server is. You can do something similar in code with commands like:



ClientTravel(MapName, ETravelType::TRAVEL_Absolute);

Hi Zicarus!

In the UE Launcher -> Learn tab there’s a gameplay concept example called “Multiplayer Shootout”. If I remember correctly, it does what you need, includes a basic server browser, and it’s pure Blueprint. So, download that and have a look at how it handles the network connections. Should do the trick. Good luck!

I would advise against blueprint-only games unless you only plan to deploy to desktops. I’ve been hearing on mobile, with blueprints being 10 times slower than C++, these are platforms where it shows moreso than desktop.

Thanks for the help and advice, i will look at console cmd`s for now but would like to learn another way of doing it, i think i saw that the multiplayer shoot out has something like this i cant remember ive looked at so much info but there was a lobby system somewhere, but the shooter looks to be a great place to start.
For now and the game i want to create its only for us on the pc , mobile will be later down the track once ive learnt more at uni and would be more of a single player or connect 3 style, trying to learn C++ would make my head pop im already learning UE4 Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush and Adobe premiere and im not a coder.
My confusion was i didnt know if i had to pack the game as a server and pack one as a client but you have helped to clear that up, looks like ive got a bit of reading and learning to do
Happy now i know on heading down the right path

Alright, just letting you know if you do go mobile, best read up on C++ so you can keep the app efficient. If you already know Java or C#, that helps tremendously.

… and of course the UE4 tutorials and wiki.