Multiplayer Projects Tabs in Unreal Game Projects Browser

**Multiplayer Game Project/Framework(s) Tabs in Unreal Game Projects Browser
One or more Tabs in Project Browser with Games Projects ready for Multiplayer. A Client-Server Model context (Templates) using a correct framework for such purpose.

ie Two Multiplayer Game Projects Tabs for both: Blueprint and C++, containing multiplayer projects, including Steam Ready Project/Framework also. Or anything for the mentioned purpose (an Unique Default Framework/Project), compatible or automatized solution that could be inherited for all another games projects inside all other tabs already existents in standard Game Projects Browser.

In short words, a Multiplayer Framework/Project(s) structured correctly from below, everything ready to make a good enough professional finished product to be sold either through Steam or other demanding market.

PS .: All suggestions mentioned above could be extended to include VR in the context. In Project Browser Could be included Tabs for VR and Augmented Reality including Multiplayer Ready Projects also for abovementioned environments. And possibly MMO in the last instance and in another context.

Thanks for Reading