Multiplayer programmer/modeling artist for stylized survial RPG

Hello, I’m currently working on a map for a stylized multiplayer survival rpg and I’m looking for a multiplayer programmer and some modeling artists who are interested in working together with me. The map is supposed to get really big, world composition is included. All of the buildings/gameplay elements are selfmade, the textures are bought. The plants and rocks are bought. I have a preview video below to give you some impressions on how the map looks right now.


when you start the game, you spawn with nothing in the main city. In this city, you can re-equip, change skills and make groups. Once you enter the survival area, you can’t re-equip or change skills, you need to plan your route depending on what you want to get. You have a heavily limited bag with you, when you die, most of the items get ruined and you lose them. Whenever you got what you were looking for, you can go back to the city and add your loot to your bank. the whole system is based on exploring a very big map with friends, make a route depending on what every single one in your group needs, killing enemies to get items, loot the environment to get items and improve yourself by crafting new and better items.

You can enter the survival area in 3 difficulty modes:

normal (1-2 players), **hard **(2-4 players), extreme (4+players, like a dungeon)

As the difficulty goes up, there are stronger enemies and a higher chance for better items to drop.

**Talent Required:

Multiplayer Programmer (0/1)**

  • Ability to make a loot, inventory, enemy spawn and fighting system based on a multiplayer game.

Character artist (0/1)

  • Ability to design stylized armors for characters

3D Artist/Map Designer (0/1)

  • Ability to create your own stylized buildings and props and include them to the map

If you’re interested, let me know. Feel free to ask me anything here or send me a message on discord: SkizZ#1560

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:


(keep in mind that none of this is in final state).
Stylized survival RPG map preview - YouTube