Multiplayer pawn possession problem

Hello everyone,
First of all, I am brazilian and the printscreens in this post are in portuguese, if you want a translation just ask me, and sorry for my english.
I am developing a game project Hide’n Seek as a School Work, at the moment I am having problems when starting a game in which I want the character of each player to be randomly assigned, I implemented the system that I will show in the images below, for while the mechanics look like this:
-> A player creates a Lobby
-> Other players enter this Lobby
-> The host starts the game on the map previously defined
-> The map starts, but instead of switching to a random character, the player’s pawn is the one in the level settings.

A curiosity is that if I run the project in Standalone (on editor) directly by the map level the character is randomly assigned the way I would like it to work, but if I start from the menu level and create a new Lobby and start the game the character is still the default level setting.

**Game_PC is the player’s controller in the match **HideNSeekGameMode is the GM defined in the level settings **
I appreciate the help of everyone and any opinion here is welcome.