Multiplayer pawn owner issue

I’m having an issue where the pawn that spawned in is owned by client 1 and client 2 uses client 1’s pawn, I cannot figure out why this is happening

Sorry if my explaination isnt to good

If you look you can see that both selection player is spawned for Client 1, My sandbox GM has Selection player as the default pawn and my multiplayer session is set as listeners so I can see how it would run through a dedicated server, I’ve tried everything i can, I tried using a player controller that spawned it locally but it’ll only spawn and posses it for client 1 and not client 2 it’s super confusing and frustrating because it makes no sense to me why it’s a thing

If you have any ideas why or possible fixes im all ears

Only thing i think it may be is that the server is spawning it for player controller 0 which is causing that to happen so I think what i need is a method for spawning the player selection in for each game controller within the session but idk how to do that, I’ve been using unity all my life and created multiplayer games there so im very new to UE4’s method