Multiplayer party frame System help please!

Hello Peepz, am making a multiplayer game… welcome to my living hell… to simplify what am trying to do is in world of Warcraft when you join a party you will see the other players unit frame on the left hand side, which will display there image icon, name, health, mana, debuffs, pets, etc. etc… i and update every .2 seconds have tried soooo many variations i thought me knowing a decent amount of stuff in multiplayer i was able to pull this off… but i no nothing… absolutely nothing… I really need help i need a expert whos done party frames before to give me an example . or even if there’s a better way in C++ i would even look into to that

thanks :slight_smile:

**** Update **i figured it out… had to pull a multiplayer fps template apart i brought off market place that had score boards and try to adapt that to suit my needs and it worked I just don’t understand why it worked like that and not like other replicated variables that work… oh wellz *** SOLVED