Multiplayer Optimization

Hello to Everyone,
I’m actually working to a VR first person multiplayer prototype and i would like to ask some question about the networking optimization. I’m working with steam networking library.
I’m simulating a full body movement through the Inverse Kinematic libraries and when i test the multiplayer everything works fine but i’m really wondering about the net optimization since there are a lot of variables that are replicated each tick event.
To make you an example, each tick event i replicate three transform variables one for head (HMD transform), one for right hand and one for left hand (Motion controller transform), plus i replicate a location and rotation of my capsule component (for the collision) and also i replicate the location and rotation of my body mesh in order to make it fit with the capsule component. And it’s not finish, there are other several variables that i replicate in order to set the pose of the animation etc…
In order to simulate the correct behavior of a body in VR i have the necessity to replicate a lot of variables each tick but I’m afraid it is really band consuming it think i have to limit the number of player who play simultaneously.
There is a way in order to optimize? For example is it a good idea to refuse the time of the tick event who govern the upgrade of all the variables in function of the distance? Like if a player is close to me, i upgrade his position each tick in order to receive the simulation of smooth movement, but if the player is far maybe i can reduce the time of upgrading all the variables in order to not consume to much band an give priority to player who just stand next to me…

Thank you in advance for any kind of suggestion