Multiplayer: Only show players in the same level

I’m working on a multilevel multiplayer VR experience. The different levels are basically different environments. Only players in the same level should be visible to each other.
Is there a way to do that?


Tried a whole bunch of combinations but have been unable to find anything useful. Anyone have any ideas? Surely this should be possible, no?

It is possible, but the bad thing is as far as I know they will still receive updates about player locations, even if they can’t see them. You can have a variable with the level name and RepNotify replication. OnRep if level name is not the same as theirs, hide the character actor, by using Set Actor Hidden Ingame to true. If it’s the same, set it to false.

I need this exact same functionality. Seems logical that these player pawns can be set to live/die with the levels they are in.

Still don’t have a decent solution for this. Is this really not possible?