Multiplayer on IOS is Supported? Help on setup needed

Hello everyone, we are struggling with this for almost a week now with no success can someone help us out?

We have a blueprint-only project that is suppose to run multiplayer on IOS devices. However, i’ve done all the steps required to make it run on Windows and Mac(they work there) but for IOS there is no instructions nor any sample projects to trouble shoot my issues.

When i try to create a session or join one i receive the following error on the device log.

LogScriptCore:Warning: CreateSession - Cannot map local player to unique net ID
LogScriptCore:Warning: FindSessions - Cannot map local player to unique net ID

I’m setting everything up on the DefaultEngine.ini :

[OnlineSubsystem] DefaultPlatformService=Null (or DefaultPlatformService=IOS doesn’t work)

And Enabling the game center in the project settings.

For now i’m using simply LAN to connect the devices so Distribution and Mobile Provisioning and etc should not be an issue.

Has anyone had success with Multiplayer on the IOS platform? How was it done please :frowning: