Multiplayer not working properly..


I have some problems with this BP, i’m actually learning to make multiplayer games, and this BP is for throwing projectiles. (i’m using the advanced vehicle template)

For the server, everything working fine… but i have many issues with client :

  • When i shoot using the server player, the projectile, explosion & sound work pretty fine on the server side, but show with some bugs on client side, 1 time on 4, the explosion appear right on front of the “server” player, instead of the point impact, while it still works nice on the server side.

  • When i shoot using the clientm it always appear perfeclty on the server side…however, on the client, one time on more then 10, i have no sound and no effects, and sometimes i don’t know why, i’m able to see the explosion…

I really don’t undertand what’s happening here :confused:

“Fire Grenade” event is on multicast, every actors, projectiles etc are set to replicate.

Thank you guys very much. :slight_smile: