[Multiplayer] No controller in actor


i’m doing a local 1vs1.

The problem is when i spawn the two actors (player 1 and player 2) there is no Player Controller on both >_< so no physics or even animation on the pawns.
I used a custom GamemMode and a custom Player Controller.

Can someone help me ?

You will find a screenshot of my custom GameMode and of my Custom Player Controller

“Local” as in LAN or as in on the same computer?

It’s on the same computer

Hi there.

All you need to do when making local multiplayer is to inside GameMode at BeginPlay call “Create Player” with controller id = 1. This will spawn a 2nd local player with a Pawn.

What you are doing in the screenshots is related to networked multiplayer like RunOnOwningClient.

If you want to spawn different types of Pawns for each player you can override the function in GameMode called “SpawnDefaultPawnFor” and spawn the Pawn you want and return it in the function.