[Multiplayer/Networking] Spawn and Possess pawn on server

Hi, all.
I spawned a pawn on the server, and possess it to the specify player controller. And this Pawn has indeed been replicated to the client, I can see it in the client viewport.
But when I want to get this pawn, I found the client’s “Get Controlled Pawn” to return Null. So the pawn wasn’t spawned on the client, but I can really see it. How can I get the right Pawn?

The client doesn’t know about the other player controllers in the game, other than its own. I believe you are trying to access the other client player controller, so indeed it will return null.

You should ask the server to do all this operation

I highly suggest you to take a look at the Unreal Network Compendium (if you haven’t done it yet and will work with replication) made by the glorious eXi