[Multiplayer Network] Actor with different behavior / look on each client


I have a network multiplayer game, and I’m trying to have an actor blueprint with a different behaviour on each client.
for example player 1 sees it red, player 2 sees it moving, etc…
What would be the best way to do that ?

I tried to uncheck every “replicate” options on the actor , but the server keep replicating it.

Does the actor have to be owned by one of the pawns to achieved that?

Thank you.

Just Drive-by posting with a complete blind and random response, but maybe:
2 copies of each actor each with different owner-see / owner-no-see settings?

This can’t be achieved with only one actor. You would need to create multiple subclasses of the original actor (to preserve the common logic), spawn instances of those subclasses and manage those, individually (i.e. set ActorA visible on clients X and Y, and also red; then set ActorB visible only on clients M and N and moving)…

Thanks for these answers !

And so, how can I set ActorA to be visible on a specific client ?
It’s simple if the clients owns the actor,
but what if I want the server to handle everything ?

(moreover my server is also client 1, I don’t want to use a dedicated server)