Multiplayer multiple spawn points

I have set up a test project, and can get multiple clients to connect to the server and interact with each other, but they all seem to want to spawn at the first instance of the ‘playerStart’ object.

What controls which ‘playerStart’ object the pawn should spawn at? I imagine it would have something to do with the ‘Player Start Tag’ field in ‘Player Start’ object, but I am unsure how to use it.

At the moment, if a player hasn’t moved off the spawn location when another player connects, they get an ‘unable to spawn at location’ error

Thanks in advance

The choice of player start is done in GameMode functions FindPlayerStart or ShouldSpawnAtStartSpot. Unfortunately we don’t have those extensible from blueprints yet.

There will be a fix in the next release such that you don’t get the unable to spawn at location error (it tries to find a safe spot very close by) and we’ve talked about looking at other start points before falling back on the find safe spot code.

Sorry for the trouble.

I also need this.
Please let me know how this feature for blueprint is going.