Multiplayer movement warning

i get a logproperty warning when i play my topdown game in multiplayer.

it says "logproperty:warning native netseralize structproperty /script/engine.character:servermove.anaccel (scriptstruct /script/engine.vector_netquantize100) failed.

when i play on the server it works fine but the client only moves in one direction (to the left bottom side of the screen) no matter which movement button i press and spits out the warning. the whole game is based on blueprints. more specifically the topdown in blueprints pregenerated game. i just added moving with wasd and always facing the mouse so far.

edit: picture of my mycontroller blueprint

Hey Flexes,

For your Add Movement Input nodes, replace the Get Player Character node for your Target with a Get Controlled Pawn node. The way you have it now, the Controller for both Server and Clients is trying to access the same Player Index, when it should be getting the currently controlled pawn.

Hope that helps! Let me know if that doesn’t solve the movement issues with clients, and if the logproperty warning still pops up.

thanks for the help but it doesn’t change anything as far as i can see. i still get the warning. i’ve tried actually prgramming it the “right” way for multiplayer with custom events that only run on the cliet or serverside, but now my client can’t move at all (serverside it still works fine). idk but somewhere i made a mistake… another error that pops up in the message log is "accessed none ‘CalllFunc_GetControlledPawn_ReturnValue3’ from node Construction Script in blueprint MyController.

I’m sorry I didn’t notice last time, but you’re also using the wrong Get Control Rotation node. You want to use the Get Control Rotation with Target is Pawn node, and attach that to your Get Controlled Pawn node. Otherwise your clients will all rotate according to the Server’s Controller.

As a reference, here’s how I have basic movement set up in my top-down project, and this works fine with multiple players:
I haven’t messed around with Movement using Server nodes yet… this doesn’t seem like the right way to do it, and shouldn’t be necessary, but I’ll look into it this afternoon and see what’s going on with that. In the meantime, try setting those back to the regular Add Movement Input nodes (minus the Switch Has Authority check) and test to make sure your pawn is moving as expected with the change I suggested.