Multiplayer Movement issues


I have some issues when I try to put my game in multiplayer.
The problem is that when the client 1 moves, the client 2 is also playing the movement animation (but it stays in place).
The client 2 doesn’t see the client 1’s animation (it moves without animations).

I don’t know if I have to replicate runnning animations or something like that.
In the 3rd Person project of UE4, there is no problem so I really don’t understand.

Can you help me please ? I looked for it on internet but i found nothing.


Networking takes a lot of understanding to get working correctly. Regarding animation replication, you cannot replicate anything inside the animation blueprint, anything you want replicated has to be inside your character blueprint which feeds the replicated variables into the animation blueprint which then uses them to update its current state.

For movement replication, there are some replicated flags that you need to make sure are checked inside your character as well. “Replicates” and "“Replicates Movement”.

Without seeing how you have everything setup it is difficult to know what the issue is, there is a ton of information on replication in the docs and youtube that you should check out that will also really help you.

One of the most useful series I found on networking basics is by Epics Billy Bramer, here: Blueprint Networking Tutorials - Unreal Engine

Movement have their own replication code.
You don’t replicate variable inside animation blueprint, you replicate the variable in your pawn that was used to drive animation blueprint.
I’ve done a animation montage replication video before.
And then you make sure your event to set/unset the variable is also properly done.