Multiplayer mod in ue4

I suggest to run multiplayer (Online , Two computer) function to make multiplayer games easier in the next UE4 update.

You can give points :
-1 :If you dont like.
+1:If you like.

well, it doesn’t exactly work like that…
Setting multiplayer up really isn’t that hard, but you have to do it a bit differently to each game, and I don’t think it can be done that simply. Or well, it may be that it could, but it would take up tens of thousands of manhours from epic to get working, and those could be better spent elsewhere.

I’m not sure what the request is. Do you want the multiplayer play in editor button to work across multiple different computers? So you set up the editor on multiple machines, allow them to accept multiplayer requests, and then you can hit a button to launch a client on each machine all connected to the same host?

Seems like if you have multiple machines they’re likely to get out of sync quickly as each team member works on their part individually. And it’s not that hard to launch on your own machine and enter an IP address.