Multiplayer minimap issue

In the character controller I have a camera for the minimap, attached scenecapture 2D. In single player everything works perfectly.

When I have 2 clients, minimap starts as the minimap for client 2 on both clients, as soon as client 2 moves it switches on both to client 1’s minimap and then when I move client 1 it switches on both to client 2’s minimap. Afterwards when client 1 is stationary both minimaps switch to client 1’s minimap and moving client 2 does nothing anymore. Jumping and moving the mouse i.e. rotating the character triggers this behaviour aswell.

I have searched for a few weeks and found nothing yet.

Thanks in advance.

I currently have the same problem and the best I have been able to find is a similar question but with no viable answers.

At the least for me this identifies the problem.

But I have no idea how to solve it for now.

I will post here if I find a solution.

After a bit of thought I have figured out how this problem could be solved but am a little unsure how to do so.

The Render Target I am using as the 2dscenecapture component is being used by my minimap material.

Somehow I need to set this render target as a variable within the player character and then go on to set the minimap material in the blueprint.

But I have no idea how to set the base texture of a material blueprint from another blueprint.

This is how I ended up having to do this. Spawn the image capture camera at run time, make sure it is set to not replicate. Seems to prevent the clients from seeing each other’s cameras

So, I did this and my mini-map still duplicates across clients. :confused: