Multiplayer Minimap Issue

Fairly new to blueprints and so far i’ve managed to get a working minimap for a single player by using a render target applied to a hud material with a SceneCapture2d on the player character. The issue i have is that when trying to load in another player the rendertarget bugs between the two scenecaptures from the two player characters causing the hud to flicker. Images below to demonstrate.

Stationary Image

Moving Bug

Would anyone be able to shed some light on the issue?

Because the scene updates when the scene changes[character Movement]. Basically both characters are fighting over usage of the same material. If your are not going to have lots of players then you would want to assign a separate\unique scene capture to each player

Would you have any suggestions on how to add it if I was going to add lots of players?

Unfortunately no I had presented this observation and question to others trying to do this and the only solution was to have as many as you would have max players and assign them to the PlayerControllers.

I know this is an old post, but I tried setting “only relevant to owner” to true on the scenecapture 2d component BP itself. There was an issue when the second player spawned into the world, so I THINK if I just attach that at run time on the client it will cure the issue. If you are having this problem you might find success on the same route.

I got around this by spawning the image capture ‘camera’ actor on the client iteself at character creation. There’s some trickery involved, though it has to be after a check to ensure it’s only running on the owning client, and the image capture actor has to have replication disabled. Here’s the screenshot of my nodes