multiplayer meshes

I’m trying to find an example of how the player meshes are set in a multiplayer game (C++). In particular, there needs to be a first person and third person mesh depending on whether the player is looking at his own viewmodel or looking at another player. I looked at the sample ShooterGame code, but I don’t see where the 3rd person mesh gets set. Any tutorials out there? My google-fu has failed me.

in the first person blueprint example have a look at the component tab in the character blueprint. the mesh1p has properties for OnlyOwnerCanSee and CanOwnerSee. so you just need to assign a mesh to the other mesh component, assign a anim blueprint to it and set the OnlyOwnerCanSee and CanOwnerSee properties.

OK. I did that and copied the sample TPP mesh and animations into my project. Unfortunately, the sample TPP blueprint refuses to compile. It gives the error:

“ICE: Player node Play (None) was not processed prior to handling a transition getter K2Node_TransitionRuleGetter that used it”

This seems to have something to do with the JumpStart and JumpEnd animations. But I have no idea how to fix it. The animations are there and they do play. But it won’t compile. What’s wrong here?