Multiplayer Load/Save Help

So I have a steam game that I am developing and I have steam working perfectly. I even have it on the Steamworks page an everything. All works as expected. I can find the Unique Net ID (Advanced Steam Sessions Plugin) and create a save game object on the Server. However, It doesn’t seem to be actually creating the save game object. After I save the game and go and check my Save Games folder, there is no save file. However If I play in the editor it creates a save Game object. So I figured maybe it isnt saving to a specific platform because its running via server. However, my game plays with a Listen Server so It should use the Host’s system to save the file to right? I originally tried saving through the Game Mode blueprint. But it wasn’t working there either so I moved everything to the Player Controller blueprint. Still nothing is working. Anyone have any idea how / where I should be doing a multiplayer Load/Save function via blueprints? Also, I would like to setup a Dedicated server which I’m sure the Load/Save function is different via Dedicated Server so any pointers on that would be appreciated as well! Thank you!

I know absolutely nothing about multi, but I’m just checking you know the editor and packaged save game locations are not the same?..

Have you checked if the save game worked via “Does Save Game Exist”?

My save games get saved to a different location when running through steam:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common<GameName>\WindowsNoEditor<GameName>\Saved\SaveGames

When I check if save game exists it comes back false and the Saved/SaveGames folder doesnt exist in my Steam/steamapps/common folder

Basically what my setup is, is my Game Mode runs a BeginPlay event that checks if the Save Game exists. If it does then it casts to my Save Game Object. If successful then it Sets the Save Game Object Reference to that Object. Then loads all the content from it. (Player Data, etc) If it does not exist then it creates the save game object. It creates successfully and calls the print string “Saved Successfully” Indicating to me that its working properly. However, if I quit the game and go back in, it fails to find the save game and then re-creates the save game object.

I’m curious as to whether or not I have to put the save game function somewhere else? Not really sure why it isn’t working.

GameMode should be fine if it’s the server. Could you post a picture of your code / blueprints?

How do you know this code is failing? Have you logged out the results of “Does Save Game Exist”?

Could you also search your machine for all files named “SaveFile.sav” using something like Search Everything: just to check it’s not saving it somewhere strange?

Yes I did, I changed this and re-tested it with the same results

Also, I searched and it came back nothing

I’m out of ideas at this point :frowning: super strange. Could try moving the logic to GameInstance? Testing if save games work in Standalone via steam?

Good Luck to you

Thanks I appreciate your input! If played in PIE it works perfectly fine. If played anywhere else it fails