Multiplayer Level Open Glitch

When my client joins the server (via open <ip>) there is always a brief 1/2 second where the client seems to be rendering the view from the 0,0,0 position of the map. After the 1/2 second the player pawn spawns and the view is correct but that 1/2 second view is very annoying to me. How can I make this stop?

You can see this easily enough with a stock Third Person Template and it happens regardless of BP or CPP.


Hey Jake,

It seems like normal behavior, when a client joins a game it has no pawn , The game mode spawns the pawn on the server and it takes some time to replicate it to the client after that your controller possess the replicated pawn. The brief moment between joining a map to pawn possession might be the 0,0,0 you’re seeing. This delay could be more in case you are using play in editor with dedicated server checked, since it takes some time for editor to launch the server and connect client to it.

In a shipping game this delay might not exist given that dedicated server would already be running before the player joins.

you can try to override Client Login in AGameMode and set the player camera to something for that 0,0,0 period or try to use listen server (Dedicated server box unchecked)

Hi Commander Shepard - thanks for the reply. I think that you are correct that it is an “as designed” issue. I just don’t like it and I will ultimately end up doing something along the lines of what you describe. My game is based on a listen server and yes it is much more noticable in PIE, but it is also slightly visible when running on separate machines. Thanks again!


You could also use a simple loading screen for the time until the player is correctly loaded.